June + July = Wedding + AVCon!

Hi everyone,

How are you going? I cannot believe how quickly 2016 has passed!

Time for some recapping, re June and July…

In June, I got married! 😀

Hubby and I had a bit of an alternative theme going on – no “white dress” for me!


Mega thanks to our photographer, Phong @ unscripted.com.au

We surprised extended family and friends by inviting them to our “engagement party”, and announcing at the party that we had already married the fortnight prior.

I think that celebrations of any kind are a great opportunity to apply your creativity. We customised our battle jackets (denim vests) and decorated them ourselves, and I made my bouquet. I also made the table decorations for our party:


I am fortunate to have a colleague who is a talented cake decorator; his creativity really shone through! 🙂

Thank you also to Andrew at Adelaide Cake & Cheesecake Company – facebook.com/Adelaidecakecompany


In July I volunteered for AVCon, Adelaide’s Anime and Videogames Convention. I have been attending the convention for some years but had not volunteered for a long time. It was a lot of fun to help out and meet new people, as well as explore Artist Alley and catch up on some new anime. Here are some of the artworks submitted for judging this year as well as only a small selection of the board games available for free-play within the venue (I love board games!). 🙂





One of my volunteer shifts was in the ReachOut Room. This room is a chill out space sponsored by youth mental health organisation ReachOut (you can read more about them here, and check out their free apps too!)… Guess who is reading about WorryTime?! 😛


The ReachOut room was also staffed by the founders of a new not for profit mental health organisation known as CheckPoint. CheckPoint are unique in that they are delivering psychoeducational programs and support services to “gamers” (aka those who play video or computer games). You can read more about them here.

I hope to get an opportunity to volunteer with CheckPoint again as they target a broader age group than ReachOut, and focus on a niche area that has previously been neglected.


So, as you can see, a lot what happening mid-year!

Now, onwards to recapping August through September… 🙂