Still here, still pushing on :)

Hello everyone, and welcome to new followers and readers! 🙂

Where has the time gone this year?

My coursework has become really intense; we are at the pointy end where a lot of practical, group, and hands on work is required. I am learning a lot but have had very little free time. Some days I feel like I am trying to scale a steep cliff with my fingernails, but then I reach a ledge where I can take a few breaths and  start to glimpse a view of the good things to come… Then it’s more cliffhanging… Until February 2017 at least, when our Clinic Week intensive is complete.

I miss blogging regularly, and I miss being able to read others’ blogs regularly. I have been trying to keep my instagram updated (@heartinsightart) but that too has been lagging. I apologise for this and hope you will understand the lack of regular posts.

Good news – I have got a lot of material on file that I had planned to share earlier. So please stay tuned for a series of posts, titled by month, to catch you up on what I’ve been doing. These should start appearing later this month, prior to me moving house. (Yup the fun doesn’t stop around here! ;))

I hope you are all well. I include a drawing I created in class back in late June, representing some of the feelings I was going through at that time.


PS. Today marks 1 year of heART: insight through ART! 🙂 Interesting coincidence.

burning buildings, heart insight art, heART

magic object: skateboard magic

Hello! 🙂

It pays to subscribe to the Art Gallery of SA’s email list… Through it I found out about a deck painting workshop hosted by local artist Joshua Searson, as part of the Magic Object: Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art exhibition. I have a small (and growing!) collection of (skateboard) deck art, and thought why not add to it by creating something myself?

20160410_102637 (Copy)

I roped in my fiancé – who typically prefers music making to art making 😉 – and off we went. We did not have a set plan for what we would create on our decks, though I had hoped we would come out with something we can display in our future home.

20160410_102954 (Copy)

After some thought, he suggested that we create an image across two decks, so that our individual decks formed one image. I thought this was a clever idea.

20160410_113312 (Copy)

20160410_120920 (Copy)

20160410_123025 (Copy)

20160410_123046 (Copy)
Fiancé hard at work!
20160410_130144 (Copy)
Hiiiii! It’s me. 🙂

It was interesting to see how the imagery on the decks developed. Spontaneous ideas, “oops” moments and discussion led to a unique end result. It was the first joint art making activity I have engaged in with my fiancé and a bit of a magic moment for me (haha I couldn’t resist an opportunity for a lame joke! ;)).

20160410_155910 (Copy)

The artworks of each participant were varied and truly showed that one is only limited by imagination when decorating a deck! I think that everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

20160410_123103 (Copy)

The workshop was a positive art making experience, a unique opportunity to learn about and from a local artist, and excellent value for money. I strongly recommend you check out any future workshops the Art Gallery of SA runs – I know I will be! 🙂

20160410_123054 (Copy)

You can also find out more about our workshop host, Joshua, and his art here.

What do you think of our decks?
Have you tried creating deck art, or own some deck art?
What do you think of this trend?


leaf mandala

Hi everyone! Apologies for the delay in writing. I have lots of ideas but not as much free time as I would like to sit down to write and photograph. I would rather blog less often and create interesting, quality posts for you guys than publish a half-hearted post every couple of days, so my ideas for new posts will eventually appear! 🙂

I recently led my classmates through an activity which we all enjoyed doing. So I thought I would share it with you here! 🙂 You can complete this task alone or alongside others. The inspiration for this activity is from the blog  Creativity in Therapy, and the nature and meditative and mindful aspects of it really appeal to me.

You will need paper (I used A3, but A4 is fine too), a leaf (or leaves, it’s up to you really), a pencil or marker to draw the circle for the mandala as well as trace around the leaf, and art materials of your choice to colour the mandala in later.

Here’s mine from start to finish:

IMG_4263 (Copy)

IMG_4267 (Copy)

IMG_4268 (Copy)

IMG_4270 (Copy)

IMG_4272 (Copy)

IMG_4274 (Copy)

IMG_4275 (Copy)
I know it seems a bit messy – I had to fold it up and place inside one of my books to bring home from class.

Give it a go – it is a great way to spend an hour! 🙂

If you try it, please show me a photo of what you have created in the comments below. 🙂


I love music. I’m sure most people do!

I like most genres. Everything has its place, but I enjoy LOUD and live music a lot. 🙂

This has prompted me to get scribbling on a new series of sorts – RAWWWK! (I like naming things, don’t I?)

First up, my rendition of Alissa White-Gluz…

alissa white-gluz

I used this picture as a reference:

Alissa White-Gluz

Some of the steps in the process… So much work and rework. I found this both challenging and rewarding to work through, as I could see what needed changing at each step and the image (in my amateur opinion!) improved at each step.

20160214_213236 (Copy)

20160220_222957 (Copy)

20160220_223542 (Copy)

If you aren’t  familiar with Alissa, you can read more about her and her current band Arch Enemy here.

Who or what is your drawing, painting or otherwise creating inspo right now?

knowing when to stop

Hi everyone,

I hope you have had a great weekend, and a fun Valentine’s Day if you celebrate it! 🙂

I used the occasion as a prompt for two drawings, one based on a mandala the other a critter from my imagination. The second is called “Love Bites!”

IMG_4232 (Copy)

valentines day mandala

love bites valentines day

IMG_4237 (Copy)

When creating both of these images there were pivotal points. Points in which I could stop and consider the drawing finished, or I could keep going. Something I’ve found when drawing is that it is important to know when to stop. “Less is more” is certainly true when it comes to drawing, in my humble opinion!

Drawing these was fun and relaxing.

Have you been drawing or otherwise creating lately? Feel free to share a link to your work! 🙂

23 days back… and crafting!

Hi everyone. 🙂

Apologies for my longer-than-expected absence. I had a great time away in Japan, however, I became very ill on the flight home. I had a gastro-like bug which left me feeling lousy for almost 2 weeks!

Whilst in Tokyo, I noticed a very interesting trend among teenage girls. Most of them had tote bags heavily decorated with badges and other trinkets.

What was super interesting is that the badges and other pretties were protected by a clear plastic overlay, like this:

IMG_4211 (Copy)

Seeing a great opportunity to come up with a truly personalised souvenir of my trip, I visited Tokyu Hands (a great variety department store, a bit like Harris Scarfe meets a high quality Kmart meets a high quality Typo for Australians) where I purchased the above tote plus a canvas tote. They were sold in 3 sizes; only the biggest was available in both plastic and canvas so I went with that.

I then proceeded to pick up a variety of interesting badges, fabrics, and other bits-n-pieces. I ended up with this…

IMG_4212 (Copy)

IMG_4216 (Copy)

IMG_4214 (Copy)
… Cactus not included! 😛 Here you can see how the one-bag-inside-the-other works and looks.

IMG_4217 (Copy)

IMG_4218 (Copy)

IMG_4220 (Copy)
Did I tell you that I’m learning to play the drums? I’m going veeeeeery slowly with it!
IMG_4221 (Copy)
Example of a badge “on” the canvas tote “under” the plastic.

I think this project is going to keep me busy over the summer! 🙂


Meanwhile I have been working on my fiance’s Christmas present. A battle jacket (when I asked him what he wanted – that was his answer! So I am trying my best :)).

Today I have progressed a lot further than this stage but these are the most recent photos I have taken of it:

battle jacket immortal metal

IMG_4223 (Copy)

Whilst working on this project I have noticed how being “busy” creating something with my hands really does help me achieve and maintain a sense of relaxation… At least whilst I am engaged in the task! 🙂 It also provides a sense of satisfaction as I can observe my progress with the project over time, over each sitting.

What projects are you working on at present? I would love to hear or “see” all about it! Feel free to include a link to your site if you have one in the comments. 🙂

“new” scribbles

Just a few scribbles from me…

heART new lotus

Thinking about the concept of “new” – new beginnings, ideas, opportunities…

heART new thought bubble

I enjoy drawing with markers. Bold colours and crisp lines and contrasts!

heART lotus in progress new

I’m looking forward to this weekend’s art therapy conference, hosted by ANZATA and ACATA, to learn more about the science, theory, and applications of creative therapies. Maybe I’ll see some of you there! 🙂


Have a great weekend ahead! 🙂