A sensory feast – LUSH Adelaide’s grand re-opening

A little note: We are fast forwarding a bit here, as this post may help you with your Christmas shopping! 🙂 I have been slow in updating the site the past couple of weeks as I have been diagnosed with tennis elbow in both arms. 😦 I will be OK but have been told it will take up to 6 weeks for me to recover; I need to avoid computer and smartphone use as much as possible during that time (all the typing and contorting of my hands and arms that is involved!).

Any LUSHies (LUSH fans) reading???

Source: LUSH

LUSH is a long-standing bath and body product brand. They were established in the UK in 1995 and pride themselves on producing high quality products that are not tested on animals. They also ethically source their ingredients.

Source: LUSH

I have been a LUSHie for many years (my favourite product is their The Comforter bubble bar – you can enjoy up to 4 luxurious baths out of one Bar if you slice it up and store in a snaplock bag!) and was super excited to be able to check out the refurbished Adelaide store.

This photo and all uncaptioned (i.e. uncredited) ones were taken by me 🙂

To say it is bigger and better is an understatement. It is completely different to the original store, with more product to explore and try, and even a consultation area. With plenty of space to browse, and multiple levels, you can now take your time shopping, and find what you are looking for more easily.

Mmm I love their rose stuff the most!

What does all this have to do with art therapy?

Art therapy involves the creative use of a variety of materials, including but not limited to traditional arts media, to help engage a client’s senses to stimulate the unconscious to uncover insights about their presenting difficulties. By gaining new insight, new opportunities and strategies for change can then be developed. Use of (traditional and novel) arts media also offer an opportunity to engage in mindful awareness and reconnect to our body and sense of self.

Bath and body items such as those at LUSH stimulate a multitude of senses. Automatically we may think of fragrance – smell, but there is also the visual element when considering the way bath bombs dissolve and dissipate their varied colours across the water.

I made this one on the night with the help of the LUSH team… it smells amazing! It is part of the Xmas range, ask for the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb!


Using a bath bomb next time you take a bath is a perfect opportunity to practice some mindfulness skills. (Mindfulness is about being fully present and aware in the current moment. You can read more about it here.)


Hold the bath bomb in your hand. Notice its texture, colours, and smell. How could you describe it? What is its shape like? How about its weight? Take a moment to take it all in. As you start running the water, notice the sound of the water as it flows into the bath tub, and then watch the journey the bath bomb takes as it lands in the water and begins to dissolve. What patterns do you notice in the water? Has the fragrance changed in any way? Have the colours changed in any way? How do the colours interact?

Shoot for the Stars in action 🙂

Taking the time to tune in and notice each the elements involved in preparing your bath with a LUSH bath bomb can provide you with some valuable mindful time, quiet time for your mind and spirit.


LUSH’s Xmas range

The re-opening was just in time for the release of LUSH’s annual Christmas range. They have delivered the goods again and I have been lucky to try some of this year’s range.

Special mention to Rose Jam, which is a delectable limited edition shower gel released for this time of year:

Here tis, sitting with its equally yummy neighbour the comforter shower gel! 😛

I stock up on this shower gel each year; a 500ml bottle will last me a couple of months, as a little squeezed onto a shower puff goes a long way. The fragrance is soothing and rosy without being old fashioned.

I look forward to trying out this little fella on Xmas Eve:


((((HEADS UP!!! If you are in Australia, LUSH is currently running a 12 days of Christmas giveaway on their Facebook page.))))


Have you ever tried LUSH products? Which is your favourite?

If you celebrate Christmas, how are you going with your preparations? 


Disclosure: I was invited to this event as a local blogger and received complementary LUSH items during my visit. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my visit or blog post. All views and opinions expressed in this blog post are genuine and my own.

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