Still here, still pushing on :)

Hello everyone, and welcome to new followers and readers! 🙂

Where has the time gone this year?

My coursework has become really intense; we are at the pointy end where a lot of practical, group, and hands on work is required. I am learning a lot but have had very little free time. Some days I feel like I am trying to scale a steep cliff with my fingernails, but then I reach a ledge where I can take a few breaths and  start to glimpse a view of the good things to come… Then it’s more cliffhanging… Until February 2017 at least, when our Clinic Week intensive is complete.

I miss blogging regularly, and I miss being able to read others’ blogs regularly. I have been trying to keep my instagram updated (@heartinsightart) but that too has been lagging. I apologise for this and hope you will understand the lack of regular posts.

Good news – I have got a lot of material on file that I had planned to share earlier. So please stay tuned for a series of posts, titled by month, to catch you up on what I’ve been doing. These should start appearing later this month, prior to me moving house. (Yup the fun doesn’t stop around here! ;))

I hope you are all well. I include a drawing I created in class back in late June, representing some of the feelings I was going through at that time.


PS. Today marks 1 year of heART: insight through ART! 🙂 Interesting coincidence.

burning buildings, heart insight art, heART

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